El cos fragmentat

Upcoming – september 2019
Performance, in the spaces of the Do the print, Barcelona.

++++ video in preparation ++++

My contribution to the book “El cos fragmentat – Una genealogia de l’art espanyol dels noranta“, made by the people who attended the course organized by MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona) during the months of March and April 2019.

Thanks to the companions of this fantastic adventure, to the director of the course Imma Prieto, to the organizing group and the speakers present, and to Do the print, who edited and published the book.


Each body is different, although apparently similar. In addition, fragments of experiences are those that can completely change lives, distort it, although in appearance everything seems to remain the same.
This difference, this human touch capable of making a product in series a unique object, is at the base of the performance.

In summary
The performance consists in the action on a blank page inserted in the publication.
When all the copies have just been printed, the idea is to manually intervene in each copy and eliminate a fragment of the blank page inserted in the book.
The intervention is done by hand and each fragment is different from the other, as well as at the end of each book that becomes a unique copy.
Everything is filmed.
Then the books are ready to be distributed.

One session, during the time necessary to intervene in each of the 50 printed copies, without touching in any way the other pages related to the work of other people.
In the publication there is only printed the link to this web page where you can watch the video of the performance.